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Educating Together in Catholic Schools

Congregation for Catholic Educ
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This document encourages religious and lay teachers to provide an education which is imbued with the light of truth, in a spirit of Communion...

Educating Hearts: Seven Characteristics of a Good School

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The most powerful lessons in life come from reflecting on the personal experience of yourself and of listening to the experiences of others. Hanley and Maher's work provides a unique opportunity to be inspired by the work of a marvellous collection of teachers sowing the seeds of transformation among their students. There is no greater reward for a teacher than providing the fertile soil for their students to reap a rich harvest of making a difference. "This collection of real success stories will enhance and inspire all educators that much good can be done by individuals when we allow ourselves time to plan, dream and pray of what could be."  Dr Chris Hayes, Principal, Xavier College, Melbourne..

Intentional Faith Communities In Catholic Education

Arbuckle Gerald A
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In this volume, Gerald Arbuckle, a theologian and anthropologist with years of experience, provides a sustained reflection on how a Catholic school can become a community where the faith thrives and is effectively communicated. Written in the context of Australia and its great system of Catholic schools, Arbuckle's wisdom is relevant for other school systems and, indeed, other kinds of Catholic institutions.Stephen Bevans, SVD, Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD Professor of Mission and Culture, EmeritusCatholic Theological Union, Chicago USA This is the first in a new series of books, the Educating Hearts series, in which experts in various fields will explore the key characteristics of Catholic education...
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