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Marginal Catholic, The

Champlin Joseph M.
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This is a revised and updated edition of a pastoral classic. When an inactive Catholic seeks the sacraments there are many delicate and complex issues involved, each charged with emotional intensity. The Marginal Catholic summarizes official Church directives and provides practical, pastoral suggestions for resolving the concerns of all involved...

Could You Ever Become A Catholic (F)

Duquin Lorene Hanley
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Maybe you have a close friend or relative who's Catholic and you'd like to know what makes them tick. It may be a church affair, a wedding, a funeral, a baptism, a celebration of the Mass that has you wondering. If you were ever curious about who converts to Catholicism and why, you will find much information to ponder here...

Pass It On Practical Hints

Moran Michelle
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I recommend "Pass it on" to three audiences, individuals who want to respond to the call to share their faith, parish and other gorups who are looking for ways to evangelise locally, and to parish priests looking for ideas and text to promote fresh initiatives among the laity... Anthony Clark (Director of RE and Catechesis) Westminster Diocese..
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