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Catholic Quiz Book 2nd Pilgrim's Edition

Madigan Leo
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What saint's life was written by Mark Twain? What well-known statue has 70 changes of clothes? Which cathedral was the world's talles building in 1880? Who famously died a Papist in 1610? The compiler Leo Madigan, has written on aspects of the Fatima apparitions as well as adventure books with a Catholic flavour for older children. Before settling in Portugal he was a seaman on British ships. Later he took a degree from London University and went on to teach in Turkish and English schools...

Catholic Quiz Book

Madigan Leo
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Who was the youngest Pope? How many votes did it take during the six-month long conclave to elect Benedict XIV? What did the jackdaw 'prig' from the Cardinal of Rheims? Which Hollywood leading lady, who co-starred with Elvis Presley in 'Loving You' and 'King Creole', is now a professed nun in a Benedictine convent in Connecticut? Of which English monarch-to-be did a reigning king say that he believed his brother had his mistresses given to him by his confessor for penance? Whether you know or you don't you will find the answers to these and many more interesting and amusing questions in Leo Madigan's 'Catholic Quiz Book'. Leo Madigan was born in New Zealand. He joined the British Merchant Navy at sixteen and served for several years before taking a degree in Education, teaching in Turkey and in London. His published writings are many and various and he now lives in Portugal...
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