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Shorter Morning & Evening Prayer (Pocket)

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A shorter version of the Morning and Evening Prayer, in a handy format, suitable for anyone wanting to pray regularly on their own or in a group setting. Shorter Morning and Evening Prayer is part of the Divine Office range, and is an edited version of Morning and Evening Prayer. It is designed specifically for people who want to pray alone and are seeking a regular, structured cycle of prayer. Being just the bare bones of the Divine Office, it will not be as daunting for the novice reader to get to grips with. As the user's prayer life matures, they then have the foundation to allow them to move on to the fuller Divine Office. It includes the same four-week cycle of the fuller Office with Psalms, Scripture Readings and Intercessions...

Divine Intervention

Jones Tony
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For 1500 years, Christians have used “sacred reading” or Lectio Divina as a way to tap into the power and vitality of God's Word. Author and youth pastor Tony Jones explains the four steps of Lectio Divina: • lectio (reading) • meditatio (meditation) • oratio (prayer) • contemplatio (contemplation) • Includes 12 lectio divina exercises with passages from The Message Remix..

Devotion for the Dying

Potter Mother Mary
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Mary's call to her loving children, by Ven. Mother Mary Potter, Foundress of The little company of Mary. "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." Matthew 5:7..

50 Days of Glory

FitzPatrick, James; Woodward,
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The scripture readings, reflections, meditations, thanksgiving prayers will help you to live with Christ the final glory days of his earthly life...

40 Days with Paul

Wansbrough Henry OSB
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Offers brief reflections on 40 passages from the letters of St Paul, helping you to take to heart Paul's teachings and follow his example of undying love for Jesus. Ideal for reading during Lent, or at any time throughout the year!..

Icons (F)

Fr John Baggley
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Images have been used in Christian worship for over seventeen centuries, and few styles have withstood the test of time as well as the holy icon. In this richly illustrated book, Fr John Baggley guides the reader through the history of the holy icon and gives useful keys for understanding the main types of icons and their use in prayer and liturgy...

Daily Prayers with the saints for the New Millennium

Modica Terry Ann
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While growing up a Protestant, Terry Modica developed a relationship with Jesus. As a teenager she strayed from the faith due to an interest in the occult. Eventually, she was touched by the Holy Spirit who led her to the Catholic Church. After several years of struggling to understand what role Mary and the saints should have in her life, she experienced a miraculous overnight devotion to the Blessed Mother. Soon after, she began to read about the saints. Through studying their lives, these residents of Heaven have become in a way, her spiritual directors and close friends. This book will help the reader experience the friendship and spiritual guidance of hundreds of saints, one for each day of the year and prayers to point them in the right direction...

Discovering the Hidden Reality (F)

Maloney, George
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The contemplation of the "mystics" is not reserved to those who live in convents, monasteries and hermitages. It is for everyone everywhere, in the midst of the turmoil of daily life. In this work, he shows us how -- without a lot of methods and techniques -- we can enter into this deeper form of prayer and thus "pray always."..

Prayers for Holy Communion

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Ideal First Holy Communion resource or gift..

Prescence:Prayers for Busy People (PVC Foam)(F)

Garcia Maribi M
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Are you too busy to pray?....PRESENCE is for you - a personal prayer aid. It suggests ways and provides content, to lead you to a closer relationship and a more intimate friendship with God, the center of your life. ..
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