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John Paul II: Legacy and Witness

Gascoigne, Robert
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The book gives the reader an appreciation of the range and significance of John Paul II's papacy...

Pope Benedict Last Testament

Seewald Peter
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Pope Benedict made history by being the first Pope in over 700 years to resign from office. The Catholic Church the world over was stunned. Worn out by corruption in the Church and by an endless series of clerical sex scandals, he decided that the resolution of all these problems was outside his power for a man of his age. Last Testament is nearest to an autobiography from the shy and private man who has remained “hidden to the world” in a former convent in the Vatican gardens. He breaks his silence on issues such as: - The “Vatileaks” case in which his butler leaked some of his personal letters that alleged corruption and scandal in the Vatican - The presence of a “gay lobby” within the Vatican and how he dismantled it - His alleged Nazi upbringing - His attempts at cleaning up the “dirt in the church” (clerical sexual abuse) - The mysterious private secretary “Gorgeous George” On a more personal level he writes with great warmth of his successor Pope Francis, who he admits has a p..

WAR & TERROR, Peace $ Hope

Archbishop Anthony Fisher O.P.
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War & Terror, Peace & Hope: Essays on Solidarity and Compassion By Fisher, Archbishop Anthony (Author) "While not shying away from the horrors of war and terror, Archbishop Fisher finds hope in the goodwill at the heart of humanity and calls for respectful dialogue, honest ecumenism and just legal frameworks." more information NEW RELEASE..

GRACE: On the Journey to God

Michael Casey
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Grace is so common that we rarely notice, says Michael Casey. This soon-to-be classic of the spiritual life shows how there is grace in discontinuity, in desire, even in temptation. Also, with grace comes faith, prayer, silence, and revelation to realise that everything happening in our lives is somehow the gift of our loving Father. Michael Casey, OCSO, a monk of Tarrawarra Abbey in Australia has been a popular retreat leader and author of spiritual books for half a century...
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