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Together For Life

Champlin Joseph M.
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Together for Life has been the most trusted source for wedding planning in the Catholic Church for more than forty-five years. Together for Life includes all the tools engaged couples use when meeting with a priest, deacon, or lay parish ministers to plan their wedding and prepare for living the Sacrament of Marriage. ..

Celebrating Marriage

Covino Paul
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I am being married and this book has been extremely useful in preparing for it. It provides a much greater understanding of the Roman Catholic church's principles behind marriage. It is extremely useful by providing a menu of options for Old and New Testament readings, music, vows, etc which are wedding-related. It also provided the different options available for being married in the Church's eyes (marrying another catholic, non-catholic, oustide the church)...

Marriage & Gift A Catholic Perspective

Robinson Josephine
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Offers practical advice to young people, couples, and those wishing to learn more about the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage..
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