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Inside the Sunday Gospels.

Sherlock, Peta
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In this book, author Peta Sherlock delves into Matthew's Gospel with characteristic wit, compassion, and disturbing honesty. Using a fresh blend of down-to-earth observations and commonplace events, the author guides the reader towards deep theological truths...

New Light from Old Stories

Hoppe Leslie J
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The Old Testament authors chose to give expression to their faith by telling stories about their ancestors, their kings, their heroes, and their prophets. They tell stories about great achievements and missed opportunities, about heroic deeds and selfish sins, about wondrous miracles and everyday matters. But each of their stories is a testament to belief in a God who is mysteriously and unalterably bound to Israel - despite everything. What is so remarkable about these stories is that they have lost none of their power millennia after being first written...

Companion To The Book Of Revelation (F)

Caldecott Stratford
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This booklet explains the tradition from which the book of Revelation developed and outlines the structure of the book and the meanings behind the numbers and images. ..
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