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Lifeguide: The Lord's Prayer

Connelly Douglas
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When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he gave them what is now known as "the Lord's Prayer." What is the Lord's Prayer to you? Is it a formal prayer that you repeat only during Sunday morning worship? Has it become so familiar that you hardly think about its meaning? If so, you are missing out on a rich resource for your spiritual life. In this eight-session study guide, Douglas Connelly unpacks the Lord's Prayer section by section with additional texts that help you dig deeper into Jesus' teaching about how to pray. This LifeGuide Bible Study features questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, together with the leader's notes and a "Now or Later" section in each study. About the Author: Douglas Connelly (MDiv and MTh, Grace Theological Seminary) is senior pastor at Davison Missionary Church near Flint, Michigan, after serving twelve years as senior pastor at Parkside Community Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan. A writer and ..

Catholic Perspective:Genesis

Perrotta, Kevin
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The story of creation can be difficult to understand if we do not read it properly. Genesis 1–11: God Makes a Start helps Bible-study participants put the creation story in its proper historical, cultural, and theological contexts, and goes beyond the story of creation to discuss the first sin and God's starting over with the flood. In the end, we come to see the story of creation—and re-creation—as part of God's ongoing story with us today. A Guided Discovery of the Bible The Bible invites us to explore God’s word and reflect on how we might respond to it. To do this, we need guidance and the right tools for discovery. The Six Weeks with the Bible series of Bible discussion guides offers both in a concise six-week format. Whether focusing on a specific biblical book or exploring a theme that runs throughout the Bible, these practical guides in this series provide meaningful insights that explain Scripture while helping readers make connections to their own lives. Each guide• is fait..

New Light from Old Stories

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The Old Testament authors chose to give expression to their faith by telling stories about their ancestors, their kings, their heroes, and their prophets. They tell stories about great achievements and missed opportunities, about heroic deeds and selfish sins, about wondrous miracles and everyday matters. But each of their stories is a testament to belief in a God who is mysteriously and unalterably bound to Israel - despite everything. What is so remarkable about these stories is that they have lost none of their power millennia after being first written. ..

The Resurrection and the Life

Binz Stephen J
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About The Resurrection and the Life Jesus said, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” Jesus is God’s greatest victory and likewise he is the fulfillment of humanity’s deepest longing. Because of the resurrection of Jesus a new age has dawned and life will never be the same again. What exactly did happen on easter morning? Why did it impel the disciples to begin a journey which would transform the world? What does this mean to us, here where we live today? This book will help you understand what the Scriptures teach us about our own resurrection and how that hope gives purpose to everything that we do...

Old Testament for Our Times

De Menezes Rui SJ
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This is a scholarly dissertation on the Old Testament, bringing the significance of its contents closer to the understanding of the reader...

Friendly Guide to Mark's Gospel

Moloney, Francis
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One of Australia's greatest scripture theologians, Francis J Moloney SDB, again brings the world of the gospels to life in this addition to the Friendly Guide series of books. He introduces us to the Gospel of Mark in a style that is not only friendly, but which provides a foundation for any further study of Mark and the relevance of this gospel as we live our own modern lives. Moloney explains that while the Gospel of Mark is the shortest, it is in some ways the most challenging of the four Gospels. From what we have already seen in tracing the relationship between Jesus and the disciples in the Gospel, it is clear that there are at least two parts to the Gospel. The first is set in Galilee, and it closes with Peter's confession that Jesus is the Christ, and Jesus' prohibiting the disciples to say anything about this. The rest of the story has Jesus and the disciples either 'on the way' to Jerusalem, or in Jerusalem. The second half of the story tells the surprising message that Jesus..

Friendly Guide to The New Testament

Moloney, Francis
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Fr Frank Moloney explores who wrote the New Testament, how it came down to us in its present form, what the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ meant for his followers, St Paul and the early Christians and how we can use the New Testament to deepen our faith. This book will help bring the richness of the Bible word into the lives of ordinary believers. Attractively presented with surprising gems, it is engaging and nurturing. Like all titles in the Friendly Guide series, this book is bursting with colour and creativity featuring photographs, icons, maps, charts, summary boxes and original artwork. Francis J Moloney SDB is an internationally renowned scripture scholar and leader of the Australian province for the Society of Don Bosco...
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