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Letters Of Saint Paul

Wauck Mark A
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Saint Paul's letters have been reflected on, studied, and acted upon for two thousand years - but few people have read each of his letters from beginning to end. This fresh and lively translation will encourage people to read Paul's words carefully and to share them with others. Doing this will embed them in our hearts and minds, expand our capacity to love, and deepen our faith. With introduction, outline and notes for each letter, this book comes in a convenient pocketbook size...

Break Through! The Bible for Young Catholics H/B

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Using the Good News translation, this Bible was created for young people leaving childhood and entering adolescence. Its 10 special features were created to help make the Bible easier for young people to read and understand. For young Catholics in years 7 - 11. They will learn about the great people of the Bible, and most importantly, they will discover, how God's messages have meaning for life today. * New inserts that focus on Catholic Prayers and Catholic Teachings, articles that help young people apply the lessons of the Bible to their lives * New streamlined navigation that enables young people to find passages quickly and easily. * New inserts that focus on Catholic Prayers and Catholic Teachings Updated. * Contains valuable colour 'helps' including links to Church Teaching and Sunday Readings for all cycles...

ESV New Testament w Psalms & Proverbs Chestnut

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The ESV Vest Pocket New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs combines three essential elements for an edition of its kind: affordable price, portable size, and durable craftsmanship. The Vest Pocket New Testament is a great choice when you want to carry God's Word with you wherever you go...
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