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Book Of Catholic Customs And Traditions

De Sola Chervin, Ronda & Conle
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"The Book of Catholic Customs and Traditions" explores a wealth of customs and traditions celebrated by Catholic families all over the world, including every liturgical season; Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time...

As we gather, As we Part.

Koch, Carl
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HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CAUGHT SPEECHLESS or nervous when someone asked you to open with a prayer? If so, these 150 prayers will help you to begin or end a meeting, a class, a community event, or any other type of gathering. The prayers touch on ten themes essential to Christian life, and each prayer may be adapted to your unique needs. Each of the prayers includes a passage from the Bible. This feature adds an important dimension to prayer: not only do those praying direct their attention to God, but they also proclaim God’s word. The themes of the prayers are as follows: 1. Ask and Receive 2. Be Reconciled 3. Listen, and Speak Truth 4. Love Is the Key 5. Make Room for Hope 6. Offer Thank and Praise 7. Seek Wisdom 8. Servant Leadership 9. Set Our Eyes on Faith 10. Take Courage Carl Koch is an editor for Saint Mary’s Press. He is also the author of, among other books, the original 150 Opening and Closing Prayers, Creating a Christian Lifestyle, and A Popular History of the Catholic Church. ..

Discerning Disciples: Listening for God's Voice......

Steffan, Donna
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Discerning Disciples Listening for God's Voice in Christian Initiatiion Author Donna Steffen. This volume is an invaluable reference for sponsors and other guides who journey with RCIA candidates. It describes the decision-making process and how people have experienced it...

Inside the Sunday Gospels.

Sherlock, Peta
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In this book, author Peta Sherlock delves into Matthew's Gospel with characteristic wit, compassion, and disturbing honesty. Using a fresh blend of down-to-earth observations and commonplace events, the author guides the reader towards deep theological truths...

Full Circle to God

Loughnan, Ambrose
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“’Full Circle to God’ is a wonderful life-story told with humility, passion and a charming sense of humour.  Ambrose’s reflections on suffering, divine guidance, mission and faith are well worth pondering.  His compassion, love and grace are well worth emulating.”..

Thomas More

Murphy, Anne
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Thomas More (1478-1535) was a Christian Humanist writer, politician, prisoner of conscience and martyr for his beliefs. He is probably best known as the author of "Utopia". This title is one of a series that aims to provide details of biography on a range of subjects, from theologians to mystics...

HeartPeace: Healing Help for Grieving Folks.

Gilbert, Richard B.
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HeartPeace is written with great compassion…While Dick Gilbert shares the national bereavement circuit of lectures and training with a host of national figures, he shares more than just the facts and figures about ‘grief talk.’ He is a modern day disciple of the healing process; he is a believer that there is more power in that which lifts up than anything that could weigh us down. - Dr. Patrick Del Zoppo, clinical thanatologist and national leader in bereavement ministry HeartPeace is like having an open-ended discussion with a compassionate and brilliant clergyperson where we reap a harvest of redemptive insight, solace, and inspiration. What a pilgrimage from suffering to hop and healing! - Earl Grollman, rabbi and author of living When a Loved One Has Died Whether you’re mad at God or not, this gentle book will give you a new perspective on the peace that can soften the pain of grief. A gracious clarification of the difference between “religion” ..

Psalms Down Under

Cowley, Joy
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Joy Cowley's Psalms Down-under, like their biblical models, are not the stuff of comfortable piety. They sing beatitudes for all life has to offer: pain and joy, doubt and faith, turbulence and peace, in the immediacy of 'down-under' speech. Commonalities become blinding insights as Cowley sees the 'shimmering of the divine' in everything from detergent bubbles to mountain snows. The subjects range from the paschal mysteries to the ordinary 'Bumps' in our lives. These contemporary 'metaphysical' prayer-poems go straight to our heart and quicken the soul: "Listen God/I just had a nasty bump/and now I want to know the reason why."..

Consider Jesus, Waves of Renewal in Christology

Johnson, Elizabeth A.
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Consider Jesus Waves of Renewal in Christology was first printed in 1941 and then reprinted in 2000. Thoughtful readers will find profound theological insights into the person and mission of Jesus Christ in Consider Jesus... To read Consider Jesus is to experience popular theology at its very best...

Prayer Services for the Elderly

DeGidio OSM, Sandra
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These 30 services offer ministers to the sick, both professional and volunteer, a convenient and simple way to celebrate prayer and ritual experiences for residents in nursing homes and assisted care facilities and for elderly hospital patients. They can be used with two or three people or with thirty, depending on the situation in each facility. Services include prayers, hymns and songs, sung responses, petitions, litanies, scripture readings, and a great variety of ritual responses, including blessings with water and oil, the blessing of throats, and praying the rosary. Service titles include: Festival of Lights; Psalm Prayers for the weeks of Lent; Come, Spirit, Come; New Year’s Day; Feast of St. Blaise; Blessing of St. Joseph’s Table, and memorial Service. Clear directions and materials needed are included with every service. ..

Game Is Up Book 2 Old Testament

Blundell Et All
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Are you looking to add another dimension to your teaching? Do you want to encourage your children to read the Bible? Do you want them to have strong biblical foundations without compromising on fun and activity? TnT have developed The Game Is Up for this very purpose...

Action Rhyme - March Around The Walls With Joshua

Jeffs, Stephanie & Saunderson,
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Come into the Ark with Noah March round the walls with Joshua Follow the Star with the wise man Share out the Food with Jesus..

Quit Looking at Me! - Tough stuff for kids

Gemmen, Heather
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Did you know that even some of the most popular kids don't like things about themselves? You've not alone! And no one likes feeling different. The good news is that you can learn to be happy with who you are! you can take charge of those hurt feelings...

After the Funeral

Winsch, Joane Loretta
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Written by a teacher in a hospital bereavement program, this book shows the many different ways children express grief, thus enabling a child to move from raw emotion to acceptance and hope...

Aunt Lucy Has Cancer

Owens, Connie
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When a major illness touches a home, children can be frightened and confused. Connie S. Owens, pediatric nurse and grief counselor, has written a sensitive, touching story of one little girl's love for her aunt...

Rich In Mercy

Schubert, Linda
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Linda Schubert is a former member of the pastoral advisory board of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Diocese of San Jose, California, actively involved in writing, workshops and prayer ministry...
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