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Book Of Catholic Customs And Traditions

De Sola Chervin, Ronda & Conle
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"The Book of Catholic Customs and Traditions" explores a wealth of customs and traditions celebrated by Catholic families all over the world, including every liturgical season; Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time...

Discerning Disciples: Listening for God's Voice......

Steffan, Donna
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Discerning Disciples Listening for God's Voice in Christian Initiatiion Author Donna Steffen. This volume is an invaluable reference for sponsors and other guides who journey with RCIA candidates. It describes the decision-making process and how people have experienced it...

Handbook for Today's Catholic

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Handbook for Today's Catholic, popular for decades, is now even more valuable. This revised and updated edition includes a new introduction, the current list of the Holy Days of Obligation observed in the United States, the prayer for vocations favored by Pope John Paul II, a new section on how to prepare for a sick call, and much more. Handbook for Today's Catholic, Revised Edition, retains all the features of the previous edition presented in easy-to-understand language, with content divided into the following four sections: Beliefs, Practices, Prayers, and Living the Faith...

Healing The Family Tree

McAll Kenneth Dr.
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The author explains how through his medical and religious experiences he has discovered another method of healing. He believes that many supposedly "incurable" patients are the victims of ancestral control. He therefore seeks to liberate them from this control. By drawing up a family tree he can identify the ancestor who is causing his patient harm. He then cuts the bond between the ancestor and the patient by celebrating, with a clergyman, a service of Holy Communion in which he delivers the tormented ancestor to God...

Christianity Rediscovered

Donovan Vincent J
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The extraordinary story of how,among the Masai in Tanzania, an American missioner "rediscovers" the gospel message. Dear Bishop,...Suddenley I feel the urgent need to cast aside all theoories and discussions, all efforts at strategy and simply go to these people and do the work among them for whcich I came to Africa...... just go and talk to them about God and the Christian message. Outside of this, I have no theory, or plan, no strategy, no gimmick, no idea of what will come...I feel rather naked. I will begin as soon as possible.. Vincent Donovan, a Spiritan priest, spent seventeen years in Tanzania before returning to ministry in the United States. He died in 2000..

Margaret Silf on Making Choices

Silf, Margaret
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Decisions, decisions - we have to make hundreds of them every day! And, as the range of choices we make increases, so too does the accompanying stress... This handy book seeks to make the process more fruitful, more focused and less stressful. It uses a few simple tools that combine the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions with the common sense of the 21st century and looks at questions such as: * How do we decide what choices to focus on? * How do we learn to be true to ourselves? * How do we implement our choices? * Can we change course if we get things wrong? Through offering suggestions - not rules - and short, accessible chunks of text, Margaret Silf encourages us to trust our own hearts and minds...

A Hunger For Reconciliation

Moore Gerard
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The books in this series offer window into discussions on contemporary issues. They provide brief introductions to particular issues, encouraging thought, conversation and informed action. A Hunger for Reconciliation In Society and the Church..

Real People,Real Presence

Keeler Cardinal William H.
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Real People, Real Presence: Ordinary Catholics on the Extraordinary Power of the Eucharist..

James Michael Liston-A Life

Reid Nicholas
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Nicholas Reid's biography gives a full account of Liston's work within the New Zealand church and his huge contribution to its development...

Reconciliation:Mission and Ministry

Schreiter, Robert J.
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The word "reconciliation" is not used in the Hebrew scriptures, and appears only thirteen times in the Pauline and Deuteropauline writings. Yet, in popular Christian imagination it has become a key concept for what the church should be doing during - and after - violent and disruptive social change. Schreiter explores the paradoxes in social and religious reflection that reveal the violence inherent in the vocation of peacemaking and meditates masterfully on the contradictions that define our age, bringing to the fore the uniqueness of the challenge bequeathed to the followers of Christ...

Marginal Catholic, The

Champlin Joseph M.
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This is a revised and updated edition of a pastoral classic. When an inactive Catholic seeks the sacraments there are many delicate and complex issues involved, each charged with emotional intensity. The Marginal Catholic summarizes official Church directives and provides practical, pastoral suggestions for resolving the concerns of all involved...

Confessions of St Augustine

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Heartfelt, incisive, and timeless, The Confessions of Saint Augustine has captivated readers for more than fifteen hundred years. Retelling the story of his long struggle with faith and ultimate conversion -- the first such spiritual memoir ever recorded -- Saint Augustine traces a story of sin, regret, and redemption that is both deeply personal and, at the same time, universal. Starting with his early life, education, and youthful indiscretions, and following his ascent to influence as a teacher of rhetoric in Hippo, Rome, and Milan, Augustine is brutally honest about his proud and amibitious youth. In time, his early loves grow cold and the luster of wordly success fades, leaving him filled with a sense of inner absence, until a movement toward Christian faith takes hold, eventually leading to conversion and the flourishing of a new life. Philosophically and theologically brilliant, sincere in its feeling, and both grounded in history and strikingly contemporary in its resonance, Th..

Such is Life!….

Scalera, Giovani
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With its snippets of wisdom and delightful illustrations, this book will encourage you to life life fully, always appreciating its beauty. Ideal for teenagers...

Dignitatis Personae

Congregation for the Doctrine
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By Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Author) "Responds to new bioethical questions that have been the focus of expectations and concerns in large sectors of society." ..

Blessed Be God

Pope Benedict XVI
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This book presents ten texts taken from the letters of Saint Paul. Each text is accompanied by a brief reflection in the style of lectio divina...

The Valley Way of Soul

del Nevo, Matthew
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Melancholy, Poetry and Soul-Making. Spirituality is about fire and light, purity and will. Melancholy is more about mist and rain, the softness and intimacy of dusk. Melancholy is the middle way, the valley way, to authentic spirituality...
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