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God's Little Hobo

Cyr Virginia
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Disabled. Abandoned. Institutionalized. Meet “God's little hobo," and a true child of Mary. Who would fault Virginia Cyr if she had become bitter toward life and angry at God? She was neither, despite the cerebral palsy that kept her in a wheelchair, despite her mother abandoning her as a youngster, despite her being placed in an orphanage and — though only in her twenties — in a nursing home because there simply were no other places for her. Virginia Cyr, God’s Little Hobo is Virginia’s story, in Virginia’s words. Here are her tender, amusing, inspiring, amazing “Letters to Mary” — the journal entries she painstakingly tapped out on a typewriter. Here are the thoughts and prayers, the hopes and dreams, she offered to the Blessed Mother. One gentle warning: You’re in for a surprise. In the words of Quentin Colgan, who edited Virginia’s manuscripts and wrote the introduction to this book: “I went down to Virginia’s room, knocked on the door, and my life changed forever. I don’t know exa..

Cardinal Reginald John Delargey

Reid Nicholas
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The life and work of Reginald John Delargey., CARDINAL When he died in 1979, he had been Bishop of Auckland in his own right for only four years and metropolitan for only four and a half. Yet he embodied the changing spirit of the Catholic Church in New Zealand more than any other churchman of his age...

An Autobiography of St Paul

Kizhakkeyil Dr Sebastion
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In this interesting and informative book Dr Kizhakkeyil attempts to paint a portrait of Paul using the literary style of an autobiography. The outcome is an excellent blend of imagination and information...

Story of a Soul

Mother Agnes of Jesus
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The Story of a Soul conveys St Therese of Liseux's "Little Way" of spiritual childhood - her "elevator" to Heaven, as she called it. This method was approved by Pope Pius XI as a way for all to grow in holiness through unfailing confidence and childlike delight in God's merciful love. Again and again in this book, St. Therese shows us how her "Little Way" of love and trust comes straight from Sacred Scripture. This book belongs in every Catholic home, for Pope St Pius X stated St. Therese of Liseux the "greatest Saint of modern times"...

Faith Classics:Confessions Of Saint Augustine

St Augustine
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You’ve heard his name—now read his classic spiritual autobiography. Here is Saint Augustine’s Confessions, an important and powerful book abridged and updated for today’s reader and presented in a deluxe, leather-like binding. Written some sixteen hundred years ago, this Christian classic still speaks to readers, addressing concerns that trouble the human heart today just as they did in the fourth and fifth centuries. Confessions gives an account of God’s grace in Augustine’s life—as well as his personal regret over the wickedness of his pre-Christian days. It’s a powerful introduction to a giant of the faith, and an encouraging story of God’s power to change people...
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