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Signatures,Story of John Michael Talbot

Talbot, John Michael
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A close up view of the multidimensional life of John Michael Talbot, who helped create the contemporary Christian music industry. "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title...

God's Little Hobo

Cyr Virginia
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Disabled. Abandoned. Institutionalized. Meet “God's little hobo," and a true child of Mary. Who would fault Virginia Cyr if she had become bitter toward life and angry at God? She was neither, despite the cerebral palsy that kept her in a wheelchair, despite her mother abandoning her as a youngster, despite her being placed in an orphanage and — though only in her twenties — in a nursing home because there simply were no other places for her. Virginia Cyr, God’s Little Hobo is Virginia’s story, in Virginia’s words. Here are her tender, amusing, inspiring, amazing “Letters to Mary” — the journal entries she painstakingly tapped out on a typewriter. Here are the thoughts and prayers, the hopes and dreams, she offered to the Blessed Mother. One gentle warning: You’re in for a surprise. In the words of Quentin Colgan, who edited Virginia’s manuscripts and wrote the introduction to this book: “I went down to Virginia’s room, knocked on the door, and my life changed forever. I don’t know exa..

The True Dawn

Sr Isabelle S.M.
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“ The Tru Dawn” is the story of a life seen through the eyes of faith and told in reflective poetry and rhyme.  It is also a small history of the Hokianga with a variety of photographs and detailed description. Sr Isabelle SM has been writing reflections like these for most of her life, and whatever our interest, there will be something in this book that speaks evocatively to the reader...

Anne Frank's Story:Retold for Children

Lee Carol Ann
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Written in a lively yet sympathetic style, Anne Frank's story follow Anne Frank from her birth in Germany through to her happy child-hood in Amsterdam, the two years she and her imprisonment and eventual death in the concentration camps...

The Lily and The Little Flower

Fr Maroun Elkazzi
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In the nineteenth century, two beautiful flowers were planted and came to blossom in the Church's spiritual garden, one in Lebanon and one in France. These flowers were st Rafqa El-Rayes, the lily of Hemlaya and St Therese of Lisieux, the little flower. The autobiographies of these two women, as well as eyewitness accounts, lead us on a journey of discovery as we uncover the depths of each one's life and spirituality, a journey that takes us through the social, cultural,political and ecclesiological contexts of Lebanon and France in the nineteenth century. Important spiritual lessons emerge from their experience that help us on our own journey with God...

Envoy For Christ 25 Years as a Catholic Apoqlgist

Madrid, Patrick
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Over the past twenty-five years, Patrick Madrid has explained and defended the Catholic faith worldwide. "Envoy for Christ" is a fascinating look inside Catholic apologetics from Madrid's vantage point on the frontlines. ....

No Turning Back A Witness to Mercy

Donald H. Calloway,MIC
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For the past 10 years, the story of Donald Calloway's journey from runaway teen to Marian priest has touched the hearts and changed the lives of thousands of people. Now, in this 10th anniversary edition of No Turning Back, the Very Rev. Fr .Donald Calloway looks back on the past decade in a new introduction to this Christian Classic...

My Uncle Fulton Sheen

Joan Sheen Cunningham
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Joan Sheen Cunningham was happily growing up with her family in Illinois when her uncle Bishop Fulton Sheen offered her the opportunity of a lifetime: to attend a private school in New York City. .....

How I Became A Man

Father Alexander Krylov
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This book takes us into the heart of the Soviet Union, where Alexander Krylov grew up as an underground Catholic in the 1970s and 1980s, never even entering a church until he was a teenager. How does faith in God live on when God is outlawed? How I Became a Man shows us, offering glimpses at the everyday reality of Communism through the eyes of a child, with humor, irony, and a keen sense of human goodness. Divided into short vignettes, this book challenges us look at our own lives differently—especially with regard to freedom. How I Became a Man is a courageous, joyous, even whimsical testimony of living the Catholic faith in today's world...
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