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Problem of Evil

D'Arcy S.J. Fr M.C
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Fr Martin d'Arcy was a famous apologist for the Catholic Faith and an eminent philosopher. He was also responsible for a number of high profile conversions including Evelyn Waugh. In this classic text he turns his vast intellect to the age old problem of why God permits innocent suffering. His answers are tightly argued and he concludes that evil 'casts no shadow on God but rather - where sin abounded, there most of all did Love abound'...

Catholic Answers to Fundamentalists' Questions

Philip St Romain
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This expanded edition of Catholic Answers to Fundamentalists' Questions has been updated in light of the changing social landscape and is written for Catholics as well as questioning Christian Fundamentalists. It offers clear, accurate, and easy-to-read answers to many questions that sincere Christians ask about the Catholic faith...

Forty Anti-Catholic Lies

Gerard Verschuuren.PH.D
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Forty Anti-Catholic Lies : A Mythbusting Apologist Sets the Record Straight By refuting 40 common errors about the beliefs of Catholics, this text shows that Catholicism makes more sense not only theologically, but also in its actual teachings about the Bible, other religions, history, science, and society...

Blue Collar Apologetics

John Martignoni
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Most of us know what we believe as Catholics, but often we're unclear on why we believe it. At a time when vast numbers of Catholics are slipping away from the Faith, God has tasked you and countless other Catholics with understanding it so you will be prepared to defend it. With an easygoing and inviting style, EWTN's John Martignoni doesn't simply introduce you to the major doctrines of the Catholic Faith; he explains why they are true and shows you how to explain them effectively to Protestants and "cafeteria Catholics" alike in ways that will draw them into those truths. Far from a complex survey of obscure theological points, this lively book employs clear, simple language that not only demonstrates the fundamental fact that the Bible is a Catholic book, but also teaches Catholics how to "talk Bible" to non-Catholics. When you are done with this book, you will know the biblical basis for the Church's teachings on the sacraments, Purgatory, Mary, the papacy, and why salvation req..
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