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Problem of Evil

D'Arcy S.J. Fr M.C
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Fr Martin d'Arcy was a famous apologist for the Catholic Faith and an eminent philosopher. He was also responsible for a number of high profile conversions including Evelyn Waugh. In this classic text he turns his vast intellect to the age old problem of why God permits innocent suffering. His answers are tightly argued and he concludes that evil 'casts no shadow on God but rather - where sin abounded, there most of all did Love abound'...

Forty Reasons I Am A Catholic

Kreeft, Peter
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My title explains itself. But it’s misleading. There are more than 40 reasons. In fact, there are at least ten to the 82nd power, which, I am told, is the number of atoms in the universe. And that’s just in ordinary matter, which makes up only 4.9% of the universe, the rest being dark matter and dark energy. Each of my reasons is an independent point, so I have not organized this book by a succession of chapters or headings. After all, most readers only remember a few big ideas or separate points after reading a book. (I’ve never heard anyone say “Oh, that was a good continuous-process-of-logically-ordered-argumentation” but I’ve often heard people say, “Oh, that was a good point.” Which takes me back to my main point: “Why are you a Catholic?” is a good question. A good question deserves a good answer...
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