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Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests

Congregation for the Clergy
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It is hoped that this Directory be a help for every priest in deepening his identity and in growing in his spirituality; an encouragement in the ministry and permanent formation - for which each one is primarily responsible -, and a point of reference for a rich and authentic apostolate for the good of the Church and of the entire world. (Jose Card. Sanchez, Prefect)..

Pastores Dabo Vobis (F20)

Pope John Paul 2nd
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Pastores Dabo Vobis (I will give you Shepherds) was written by John Paul II in 1992. The opening line comes as a promise that the Lord will never leave his Church without priests to guide them. This extremely comprehensive document investigates the challenges the church faces in the third millennium. From his own vast pastoral experience John Paul II gives guidance on the nature and the mission of the priesthood and how this is supported and informed by the priests's own spiritual life...
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