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Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests

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It is hoped that this Directory be a help for every priest in deepening his identity and in growing in his spirituality; an encouragement in the ministry and permanent formation - for which each one is primarily responsible -, and a point of reference for a rich and authentic apostolate for the good of the Church and of the entire world. (Jose Card. Sanchez, Prefect) ..

Glimpses of Hope

Vincent Hunt
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A collection of theological writings by Vincent Hunt, who died at the age of 90. He led a remarkable life. His varied career in Aotearoa New Zealand since his arrival from Ireland in 1952, sees him stand out as friend, priest, teacher, formator, philosopher and theologian. His writings reveal a scholar's love of his subject, a poet's love for language, and a pastor's passion for the care and formation of his people. His students would add, his sense of humour, his teacher's love of truth and his desire to engage with the contemporary world. Two themes stand out. First, is his concern to treat every individual as unique, and so not to subsume them into any wider ”˜system'. Second, is his passion to keep renewing the Church, and to prepare future priests for this purpose. All those interested in the Church and in what it means to live a human life will enjoy this book...

Latin Grammar For the Reading of the Missal and Breviary

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The aim and scope of Scanlon's LATIN GRAMMAR are to prepare those with no previous knowledge of Latin to read the Missal and Breviary. Unlike most First Year Latin textbooks, it is not an introduction to the reading of Caesar. Its twenty lessons embrace Latin Grammar completely, from the first declension to the various uses of the subjunctive. Well-planned exercises, lessons and vocabulary provide a solid foundation in Latin. After the student has made a fair start, he will encounter reading lessons, which are connected passages from the two liturgical sources for which the whole book is a preparation. A valuable part of the book is the Latin-English vocabulary. In it and throughout the book, the accented syllable is marked in all Latin words of more than two syllables. The one-year course of study provided by this textbook should enable a diligent student to read the Missal and Breviary with reasonable facility. ..

Prison Journal Vol 3

Cardinal George Pell
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That final verdict came after George Cardinal Pell endured a gruelling four years of accusations, investigations, trials, public humiliations, and more than a year of imprisonment after being convicted by an Australian court of a crime he did not commit. Led off to jail in handcuffs, following his sentencing on March 13, 2019, the 78-year-old Australian prelate began what was meant to be six years in jail for "historical sexual assault offenses". Cardinal Pell endured more than thirteen months in solitary confinement, before the Australian High Court voted 7-0 to overturn his original convictions. His victory over injustice was not just personal, but one for the entire Catholic Church. Bearing no ill will toward his accusers, judges, prison workers, journalists, and those harbouring and expressing hatred for him, the cardinal used his time in prison as a kind of "extended retreat". He eloquently filled notebook pages with his spiritual insights, prison experiences, and personal refle..
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