End Times


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Secrets, Chastisement, and Truimph of Two Hearts

Bowring, Kelly
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The Secrets, Chastisement, & Triumph is the new best-selling, highest-rated, and most endorsed book on Mary, Marian teaching, and Marian prophecy in recent years. Dr. Bowring's new book compares the prophecies of the Bible, especially concerning the latter times, with various modern heavenly apparitions and visions. This book explains the big picture of the prophetic times we are living in and regarding the apocalyptic times to come in our time. Perhaps more importantly, this book discusses what Heaven is asking us to do as the "apostles of the latter times". It has recently received the honor of being called "Book of the Year"! Written by popular speaker and theologian, Dr. Kelly Bowring, this new book has already received much high-acclaim and has sold thousands of copies since its release. It is being widely recognized as the best book ever written on the subject of heavenly prophecy, a most important topic for our times! An easily readable, well-researched, and inspiring book ab..

Signs of the Times,the New Ark & the Coming Kingdom

Bowring, Kelly
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Dr. Bowring’s new book on the Signs of our Times discusses the world today and God’s plan to rescue it. This book is about hope. It reveals God’s plan to bring us through these times to safety and victory and to true peace. Using over forty-five church-approved sources, this book discusses the good news of how to succeed in these times by entering the New Ark and living in the Divine Will, which is the greatest Gift and Grace God has given His people for these times. And this book shows how God is preparing something in our times so wonderful we cannot even imagine it—the coming Kingdom of the Divine Will, on earth as it is in Heaven. You will not be able to put this book down. This is a perfect book for study groups and gifts to friends and family too. You will find it to be the best resource for the times at hand today...
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