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Faith That Dares To Speak

Cozzens Donald
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The Catholic Church at the dawn of the twenty-first century is arguably the last feudal system in the West. Once the feudal structure of the church is recognized, the bishops' response to the clergy abuse crisis comes into focus. Bishops and other church authorities reacted to the scandal the only way their feudal culture allowed--with secrecy, denial, and a no holds barred effort to protect the reputation, authority, and resources of the institution. While tragic, and in many cases reprehensible, their response was consistent with the way feudal systems function. In Faith That Dares to Speak, Donald Cozzens addresses the laity's role in challenging a feudal church to embrace accountability and transparency and to bring light where there is now darkness. Awakened to their dignity and responsibility as full, equal, and adult members of the church, lay Catholics in North America are finding their voice and daring to speak to church authorities long accustomed to deferential obedience and..

Suddenley and Unexpectedly

Fahy T. Michael
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"Suddenly and Unexpectedly—Non-Fiction—The End of Our Times" is factual and non-speculative. It is based upon the author's 42 years of accumulated research, discovery, personal encounters, writings, lectures, conferences, and a broad variety of other related experiences. The contents of this book demonstrate with certainty that unprecedented, irreversible events of universal importance are imminent, and some are already in progress. These events will bring a definitive, terrible, and destructive end to our present times, which will be followed by a totally new, peaceful and happy era in human history for those who survive. There are alive today (in late 2012) influential, world leaders, both good and bad, who are already aware of significant aspects of the generally unknown facts described in this book...
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