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Thomas More

Murphy, Anne
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Thomas More (1478-1535) was a Christian Humanist writer, politician, prisoner of conscience and martyr for his beliefs. He is probably best known as the author of "Utopia". This title is one of a series that aims to provide details of biography on a range of subjects, from theologians to mystics...

Lives of the Saints II Illustrated

Rev. Thomas J Donaghy
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Lives Of The Saints Vol II (These two volumes contain beautiful illustrations of the Saints with short biographies for each day of the year)..

Picture Book of Saints H/C

Lovasik, Father
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The Picture Book of Saints contains the stories of the lives of 106 popular saints, and each is made more memorable by a twofold portrayal in word and picture...

Lives of the Saints for Boys

Savary, Louis M.
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Isbn 9780882714608 Author:Savary, Louis Publisher:Regina Press Price:$6.00 Gives one-page biographies of men Catholic saints. Format: Softcover, 32 pages, color...

Saint for the Third Millennium St Therese of Lisieux (F)

Connor Charles P Fr.
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Through spiritual childhood one experiences that everything comes from God, returns to Him, and abides in Him, for the salvation of all, in a mystery of merciful love. Such is the doctrinal message taught and lived by Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. After having thus turned the spotlight on the spiritual message of the Little Flower, Pope John Paul II solemnly declared her a Doctor of the Church at a Youth Day Rally in Paris, France, on Mission Sunday, October 19, 1997. Probably one of the best known and certainly one of the best loved of all the Saints in the Roman Calendar, questions still remain regarding the mystery of her impact on the modern world. Who was she? What exactly was her message? How did she embody the doctrine that she taught? What does she have to say to us that would make us call her: The Saint for the Third Millennium? In his well-researched, inimitable and highly readable style, Father Connor sheds new insights into the life and message of this great saint who has much ..

Saint Philip of the Joyous Heart

Connolly Francis X
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This book tells the story of one of the Catholic Church's most lovable and loving saints, St. Philip Neri. Despite his wisdom and learning, he was a simple, childlike soul who never ceased, even in his old age, to make jokes and play with his many pets...

De-coding Mary Magdalene: Truth, Legend, Lies

Welborn, Amy
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Amy Welborn Recent bestsellers and upcoming movies have popularized a historically and spiritually false view of Mary Magdalene. In this new book, learn the truth about the extraordinary woman who was one of the earliest disciples of Jesus and a powerful witness to his death and resurrection. Be the first to inform your friends and family about the TRUTH behind the fiction!..

John of the Cross

Moorcroft Jennifer
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John of the Cross became a towering spiritual figure in his own time, only to be despised and rejected by many. Diminutive in stature and humble in spirit, he penned some of the greatest spiritual works from the darkness of his prison cell. He died loving his enemies and in the embrace of his beloved Lord...

Pedro Poveda

Lally Bernadette
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In July 1936, hardly two weeks into the Spanish civil war, the bullet-ridden body of a 61-year-old priest was found by his friends near Madrid. Pedro Poveda, canonised by John Paul II in 2003, was no ordinary priest: a truly gifted educationalist and founder of the hugely popular Teresian Association, he lived a deeply radical Christian life. His inspiring life and the excellent and highly relevant educational principles he developed are all examined here...

Oscar Romero

Beck Fr Ashley
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Gunned down while saying Mass at the height of political and social unrest in El Salvador, Oscar Romero has remained a controversial and often misunderstood figure. Fr Beck shows how he was not martyred for political activism, or simply for being 'on the side of the poor', but for his faithfulness to Christ and his Church. Romero's impressive body of teaching, his own personal holiness, and sufferings, are thoroughly explored here, and clearly illustrate what - as Pope Benedict has said - 'an important witness to the faith' he truly was...

Thomas Becket

Midgley, J B
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This fascinating account of one of England's best know saints reaches beyond the rise to power of a privileged and intelligent man, to reveal a story of holiness, suffering and courage. Set in turbulent and changing times, the forces of religious freedom and unchecked political power inevitably and fatally clash - in the persons of the King and Archbishop. 'Our crime' said Becket,'is the assertion of ecclesiastical liberty; for to profess it is to be guilty of high treason.'..

Vincent de Paul

Midgley, J B
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Amid the wars and turmoil of 16th-century Reformation France, in the midst of great suffering and poverty, Providence provided an amazing example of apostolic zeal. Highly intelligent, physically small, and burning with love for Christ in the poor, Vincent de Paul stimulated a major change in the social consciousness of France and far beyond. His Religious Orders for men and women continue today. This account of his life and times captures the amazing spirit of this humble and courageous man, who truly loved and served the poor. (Cover design may vary slightly)..

Augustine of Hippo

O'Rourke OSA Fr ben
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Augustine: saint, bishop, Father of the Church and Doctor of the Church, but above all a man with an extraordinary story to tell. This booklet uses the famous "Confessions of St Augustine" to recount his famous journey from a life of sin and error to a life lived for Christ and his fellow Christians...

St Anthony Of Padua

Ward Ling Sheilah
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This book shows how the greatest biblical scholar of his generation became a wandering friar. When his talents as a preacher were discovered, he travelled all over France and Italy, sometimes speaking in market-places and on hillsides when the churches were too small to hold all those who wanted to hear him. It examines the notes he made for those sermons, and a selection of his prayers; it concludes by investigating the long tradition that this first Doctor of the Church in the Franciscan Order spends his heaven in answering the prayers of ordinary people, finding small domestic articles, assisting travellers, and helping the millions who love him -- a true friend of all the world...

Therese of Lisieux through Love and Suffering (C) (F)

O Madagain Murchadh
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Insights into Therese's discovery of 'the little way' and some of her lesser known experiences of suffering which brought her closer to God and give great hope to our currently disturbed & suffering world...

Saint John Vianney A Priest for all People

DeDomenico Elizabeth Marie FSP
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Discover the life story of St. John Vianney, beloved patron saint of parish priests. From his youth during the tumultuous French Revolution, to his difficult years of study and amazing work to rebuild the parish of Ars, John Vianney is a model of love for God that spilled over into tireless care for others. Historical and cultural details make the story of this remarkable saint come alive for young readers. Pope Benedict XVI invited priests around the world to look to the life of St John Vianney for example and inspiration during the Year for Priests 2009-2010...
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