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Psalms Down Under

Cowley, Joy
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Joy Cowley's Psalms Down-under, like their biblical models, are not the stuff of comfortable piety. They sing beatitudes for all life has to offer: pain and joy, doubt and faith, turbulence and peace, in the immediacy of 'down-under' speech. Commonalities become blinding insights as Cowley sees the 'shimmering of the divine' in everything from detergent bubbles to mountain snows. The subjects range from the paschal mysteries to the ordinary 'Bumps' in our lives. These contemporary 'metaphysical' prayer-poems go straight to our heart and quicken the soul: "Listen God/I just had a nasty bump/and now I want to know the reason why."..

Psalms Now

Brandt Leslie F
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What would the psalm writers say if they lived in our times? What words would they use to express their prayers? How would their songs reflect the same truth in a different age? "Psalms Now captures the meaning of the psalms for our time. Leslie Brandt restates, in today's language, the psalmists' honest prayers of praise, sorrow, compassion, fatigue, love, and countless other emotions encountered by those who have truly experienced life. Celebrate the reality of God with the psalmists. Begin today. You may never look at the book of Psalms in the same way once you've been gripped and challenged by the modern paraphrase of "Psalms Now. ..
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