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Child's Guide to the Stations of the Cross

Ficocelli Elizabeth
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Age-appropriate illustrations accompany text and a song that depict the events prior to and just following Jesus' death...

I Was There

Allen, Barbara; Kennedy, Lynda
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Imagine a little dog following Jesus during his earthly ministry. What did it see? What did it feel? This book, with its delightful illustrations and simple text, will be ideal for introducing little children to the stories of Jesus...

A Letter to Luke

Dizdar, Drasko
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Packed with the wisdom that anyone could give to a teenage boy...

About Angels

Michael Trainor
Available on request
Why do angels attract us? What are their names and qualities? How do they contribute to our lives? A ninth century tradition about the Archangel Michael helps shed light on these questions. Simple steps to contemplation round off each chapter...

St Dominic

Woodgate M.V.
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The story of St Dominic, Founder of the Order of Friars Preachers (The Dominicans). Good size for readers aged 8-12. ..

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Trouve Marianne Lorraine,FSP
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Intelligent, wealthy, and well-connected, Thomas left it all behind to become a missionary of Gods truth, joining the newly formed Dominicans. This 35th volume in the Encounter the Saints series will introduce children ages 9-12 to the struggles and victories in the life of the brilliant Saint Thomas Aquinas. With great humility, he taught university scholars and preached in town squares to anyone who would listen. Saint Thomas greatly influenced Church thinking. His writings, including his famous Summa Theologica, are still used today in theology and philosophy classes throughout the world. Following Saint Thomas Aquinas' example, children will be inspired to share their own gifts with others in simplicity of heart and mind...

If Dominic Came to Visit

Michelle Ness
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A story about St Dominic through a New Zealander's eyes for her Grandchildren has made this book a must for all schools and parishes. Beautifully illustrated by her daughter Hayley Ness, Author Michele Ness lives on the kapiti Coast. All proceeds from this book go to Dominican Projects...

What Made Albert Great

Michelle Ness
In stock
What Made Albert Great is the second book in the series. Learn about Albert and New Zealand Author Michele Ness Illustrated by Hayley Ness Any profits will be used for Dominican Projects...

Angel With Cross

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Angel Figurine holding a cross, pastel shades. Ideal Holy Communion Gift...
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