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A Hunger For Reconciliation

Moore Gerard
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The books in this series offer window into discussions on contemporary issues. They provide brief introductions to particular issues, encouraging thought, conversation and informed action. A Hunger for Reconciliation In Society and the Church..

Understanding the Sacraments Today

Mick Laawrence E.
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The sacraments are at the heart of our life as Catholics, the way we celebrate together our continuing conversion and encounter with God. Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing, Marriage, and Holy Orders 'al are activities that require preparation to bring us to the fullness of our life in community and in Christ. Chapter by chapter, Father Lawrence Mick puts these core experiences into their historical and theological context, and illuminates the ways the sacraments bring us together as God's people. Ever conscious of the complex history of the church and its dynamic relationship to ritual, as well as the varied histories of human communities, Understanding the Sacraments Today is a book to be visited and revisited, a companion to the ongoing and repeated practices that nourish us. Lawrence E. Mick, a priest in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, is a liturgical consultant and writer whose numerous books include Living Baptism Daly, published by Liturgical Press. He has also..

Baptism New Life in Christ

Bertram Jerome
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Baptism involves the use of ordinary things-water, oil, white garments, lighted candles-which carry a specific significance, some of which seem obvious while others take a bit of unpacking. The purpose of this booklet is to provide an introduction to baptism in the Catholic Church, looking both at the practicalities of baptism and at its history and meaning...

Rite of Baptism

Available on request
Rite of Baptism for a Child with format for Baptism Certificate on Back Page...

Rite of Baptism Participation Booklet

Hoagland Victor Rev.
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The Rite of Baptism (Participation Booklet) includes all the texts for the Rite of Baptism for One Child and for Several Children...

Catholic Update guide to the Sacraments of Healing

Kendzia Mary carol
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Drawing on the trusted and popular Catholic Update newsletter, the Catholic Update Guide to the Sacraments of Healing will answer your questions about the sacraments of reconciliation and the anointing of the sick whether you're new to the Church or need a refresher on these healing gifts. Provides a historical, practical, and sacramental perspective that blends solid theology with liturgical experience...

Plaque: Art in Stone Communion

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First Holy Communion Plaque. As Jesus comes into your heart in such a special way, May you be very happy on your First Communion Day...

Holy Communion gold plated Cross Boy

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Gold plated Cross with Boy suitable for Holy Communion 85mm x 40mm..

IHS Dove Cross On Card

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Holy Communion Cross( Wall hanging 16cm x 10cm )and Certificate with same cross design with Received the Blessed Eucharist for the first time in......
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