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What Were the Crusades?

Riley-Smith Jonathan
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Few attempts had been made to define 'the crusade' before the first edition of this book was published in 1977. Since then, a number of historians have built on Jonathan Riley-Smith's original conclusions. Now in its third edition, this classic starting point for the study of the crusading movement has been thoroughly revised and up-dated in the light of recent research...

New Ecumenism The

Whitehead Kenneth D.
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How the Catholic Church after Vatican 11 Took over the leadership of the World Ecumenical Movement. The last several popes have made the quest for Church unity an item of the highest priority on their agendas. This issue is dealt with in this extraordinarily well researched and very readable book...

Origin and Development of the Holy Eucharist:east and West

Gerakas Deacon Andrew J.
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The Eucharist is Christ's gift to his followers to sustain them as they journey to their eternal home. It is the source and summit of the Church's life and mission. As a sacrament, it is a visible sign of Christ's abiding presence -- body, blood, soul and divinity -- in our midst under the appearance of bread and wine. What does this mean? How can Christians of the East and West receive the Lord worthily? What must we bring to the altar? The biblical background and history of the Eucharist in the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, and a comparison of current practices, will be found here along with chapters on our joint Jewish and Greek heritage. Also reviewed are some of the doctrinal and organizational differences that continue to inhibit a return to intercommunion, the ultimate goal of both Churches in their desire to fulfill the Lord's prayer "that all may be one." Members of both communions will find much here to contemplate and consider...
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