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Take Up Your Cross and Follow

Boyer, Mark G.
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This book consists of fifteen reflections based on the passion narratives in each of the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each of the sixty reflections contains a title, a passage from Scripture, a reflection, a meditation, questions to assist in a person's private examination of conscience or for assistance in compiling a Lenten journal and concludes with a brief prayer. The author's idea behind this structure is to take the reader on a personal pilgrimage with Jesus through the gospels during Lent, highlighting his suffering, death and resurrection and applying the insights culled to everyday living. Each exercise is, therefore, designed to facilitate the reader's reflections, meditations and prayer. They are purposely kept short and simple so that they can be used profitably by the average very busy person at the beginning or end of each day in Lent. ..

Open Our Hearts A Small Group Guide for an active Lent Cycl

Ciangio Donna L. O.P
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Pastoral experts Sr. Donna Ciangio, O.P., and Fr. Tom Iwanowski artfully connect Cycle A readings to the spiritual and doctrinal wellsprings of the Catholic Church and to everyday life. Daily scripture reflections and suggested action steps enhance weekly small-group materials. This Lectionary-based, small-group booklet contains everything needed for a successful parish-based Lenten program, including soup recipes for groups that want to begin or end each session with a simple meal. The booklet provides a basic introduction, guidelines for small-group faith sharing, and daily scripture reflections to keep parishioners engaged throughout each week. Sunday gospel texts are included and citations with brief commentaries on the first and second readings appear as sidebars. Group sessions connect the scriptures to informative and practical commentary and reflection questions. Space is included for written responses, prayers, and suggested activities help to reinforce the week's message...

A Blessed Lent Meditations

Bochanski Fr Philip G. C.O.
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Lent is a time of spiritual combat for the Christian. Drawing on the liturgy of each day and the precious gift of the Prayers over the People, now restored to the Missal, Fr Bochanski leads us into a deeper meditation on the meaning of our Lenten journey...

Words For The Lent & Easter Season

Bishop Hugh Gilbert,OSB
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As Benedictine Abbot of Pluscarden Abbey and now Bishop of Aberdeen, Bishop Hugh Gilbert’s homilies have gained him a reputation as a clear and profound teacher of faith. This collection of homilies for the Lent and Easter season are an ideal companion to these wonderful seasons of contemplation and joy. “So, may we go up to and through Holy Week, up to the Cross and through the Cross to the Resurrection, with our hand in Mary’s hand, learning her faith.”..

Lent & Easter with Pope Francis

Pope Francis
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“With its invitations to conversion, Lent comes providentially to awaken us, to rouse us from torpor, from the risk of moving forward by inertia. The exhortation which the Lord addresses to us through the prophet Joel is strong and clear: “Return to me with all your heart!” (Jl 2:12) Pope Francis invites us to make the journey with him through the liturgical feasts and seasons in Lent and Easter, moving from repentance to forgiveness and new life which allow us to proclaim the Gospel with joy to the whole world...

Praying The Stations with Pope FRancis

Huebsch, Bill
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In this stirring booklet for group use or private devotion, Bill Huebsch offers us the opportunity to bring the insights and spirituality of Pope Francis into our prayer as we walk the Stations of the Cross with Jesus. With excerpts from the pope's homilies, audiences, and writings, carefully chosen to go with each station, and combined with powerful and eloquent prayers, 'Praying the Stations with Pope Francis' will deepen your experience of Jesus' Passion and help you see his act of self-giving love in the context of your own life, our current culture, and your Lenten journey...

Everyone's Way of the Cross

Enzler Clarence
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Clarence Enzler's perennially bestselling Stations of the Cross booklet has sold more than 3 million copies since it was first published in 1970 and is now updated with fresh, bold, commissioned woodcuts by renowned artists Annika Nelson and Gertrud Mueller Nelson. For more than forty years, the simple, intimate, and powerful words of Clarence Enzler's Everyone's Way of the Cross have invited readers to grow closer to Christ by embracing the mystery of suffering in the world. By joining Christ on this transformative journey, we learn to become his disciples””his other self””to a hurting world. This booklet is ideal for private study and for parish-wide distribution for Lenten observance of Stations of the Cross. 34pp. Softback...

Praying The Crucifix

Julien Chilcott-Monk
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PRAYING THE CRUCIFIX Praying the Crucifix By Chilcott Monk, Julien (Author) The crucifix is one of the most important symbols of the Christian faith, a reminder of Christ’s suffering and death on the Cross to save us, a symbol of one of the most important moments in history. Yet how many of us look at and consider the cross and its deeper meaning? This booklet provides reflections on the different parts of the crucifix, allowing us to apply its lessons to our own lives. Each chapter ends with prayers and devotions. ..

The Meaning of Lent

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THE MEANING OF LENT INDIVIDUAL LEAFLET The Meaning of Lent Individual Leaflet By Millico, Fr Ivano (Author) $1.00 Lent is more than forty days of repentance. Lent is a journey full of meanings and graces, projecting us to the joy of Pentecost, passing through the waters of Baptism at Easter. By reflecting on our baptism, the dialogue of faith and the Gospel 'scrutinies', our Lenten journey takes on a new dimension, and so does our prayer, fasting and almsgiving, as we experience the joy of passing from death to life, from slavery to freedom in Christ Jesus. 16 pages..
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