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Little Way Of Advent

Fr Gary Caster
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The Little Way of Advent follows a format similar to The Little Way of Lent. Following the Advent and Christmas season daily Scripture readings, Fr. Caster provides an inspirational reflection for each day and a quote from St. Thérèse that helps to shed light on the reflection. Because the book is not dated, it can be used in any year. The author provides a reflection for each Sunday in the A, B, and C cycle, one for every weekday in Advent and, as an additional feature, one for every day in the Christmas season. The Little Way of Advent focuses on St. Thérèse’s Little Way, as well as her deep insights into the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. Fr. Caster shows the connection between the innocent child and the crucified Savior, thus providing for a rich Advent experience...

The Family Book of Advent

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Now you can create unforgettable memories for your family with The Family Book of Advent. It's the perfect way to spend quality time with your young children while helping them grasp the true meaning of Christmas. As part of our Pocket Inspirations series, this hands-on devotional draws families together to celebrate the coming of Christmas through Scripture, questions, stories, and simple activities. As the Christmas story unfolds, bonds are created, bonds that will last a lifetime. It is the one present your family will be happy to share!..

Our Journey to Christmas with Pope Francis

Donnelly Rev Nick
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Pope Francis sees Advent and Christmas as a journey, in fact as two journeys — our journey towards God and God’s journey towards us. The Holy Father wants us to understand the nature of our journey towards Christmas so we don’t get sidetracked or lost on the way. He also wants to help us to cultivate the right dispositions necessary to undertake this Advent journey...

Light in the Christmas Season

Pope Benedict XVI
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Taking themes of love and peace, Pope Benedict guides us through the scripture and liturgy of Advent and Christmastide, teaching us to be guided by God's signs. He presents the Holy Family as a model of life for all of us in our homes, so that we may learn humility and solidarity and realise the special grace of each new beginning. We are exhorted to learn from Mary 'the Woman of Advent, how to live our daily actions with a new spirit, with the feeling of profound expectation that only the coming of God can fulfil'...

Happy Christmas To You

Pope Francis
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Make someone happy by giving this Christmas this booklet with the tender and loving words of Pope Francis. It has a presentation page in the front...
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