Blessed Antonio Rosmini was a man who reached out beyond the Church to engage in dialogue with the unbelieving world of his time. A major figure in the nineteenth century Church ”“ though little known in the English-speaking world ”“ Rosmini could be regarded as the patron of speculative theologians and philosophers for his obedience to, and reverence for, the Church. This was clearly shown by his prompt and respectful submission when two of his major works were condemned in 1849. In this biography, the first in English for over half a century, Michael Hill places Rosmini in the context of his family, his friends, his foes and his nation. He evaluates the impact Rosmini had on other significant figures in the Church, and on his followers in the Institute of Charity and the Sisters of Providence. What emerges is something of a tragic story. Though greatly loved and admired by many, he was often misunderstood; bitter attacks on him by his enemies within the Church and in international politics were the source of much anguish for Rosmini himself and his friends. Rosmini has finally been rehabilitated by the Church and his holiness recognised. A persecuted prophet and an important figure in the intellectual development of the Church he is very much a prophet for our time. John Michael Hill, IC was born in Yorkshire and educated by the Rosminians. He studied at Cambridge before entering the Rosminian Order, and was ordained priest in 1964. He lives in New Zealand where his ministry has been mostly spent in teaching and later working for the Bishops' Conference in adult education and in a Retreat Centre in Christchurch. For twenty years he edited Catholic journals, notably Tui Motu.
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Author John Michael Hill,IC
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